Trip to the big city | Sydney Portrait Photographer

Look at these beautiful children visiting from Brisbane… I just couldn’t get enough of their baby brown eyes! These sweet sisters were happy to play up to the camera which always makes it heaps of fun! And little boys and sticks, what can I say! The only way I could get this little man to look at the camera was to ask him to show me his sticks:)

Hope you guys enjoyed your time in the big city and hope to see you down here again! xx

National Smile Competition | Sydney Portrait Photographer

I have been selected as a finalist in the Australia wide Smile Photography Competition …. I entered these two mud covered teens as this certainly made me smile;)This is what happens when young Aussie girls play AFL in the rain!

Look what I got | Sydney Portrait Photographer

Omg I am in LOVE! The iPhone is the most gorgeous, sexiest little thing I have laid hands on in a long time.. although once I pick up a 5D mkII that will win for sexiness no doubt;)

If you haven’t seen an iPhone, go look at one asap! Best phone I have ever had… it even has a compass so I always know which was is north for the gorgeous light heh

The Sweetness of 16 | Sydney Portrait Photographer

I recently photographed a Sweet 16 birthday party for a friend and had a ball! There was fab music, cake, dancing on chairs, high heels, laughter and even a chocolate and strawberry fondue. Everyone was in heaven! It was pouring rain that night and very windy so outside photos were impossible. I don’t usually do a lot of flash photography (well hardly any if the truth be know) but this was a heap of fun and opened up a little flash world that I hadn’t previously known existed.

Happy Sweet 16 S! May all your dreams come true!

And that isn’t me on the right hand side, having handed my camera to a bystander so I could participate in the all important hair-shake-dance with the party girl… the rumour isn’t true. Ok. right. umm yeah.