Greer + Alasdair Wedding – Summerlees Cottage, Southern Highlands

G+A married in such elegant style at Summerlees. I love shooting at this country venue! Such an incredible backdrop for a wedding that was so beautiful and classic…. from the dress, to the kilts, to the details, right down to the vintage jag for their bridal car.

And believe it or not, I love wedding speeches. It often includes details of how the bride and groom met and these two met as teens, him on a backpacking holiday in Australia who returned home overseas, yet couldn’t get her out of his mind. Love that story!

Another incredible thing about weddings in the coming together of two different cultures and traditions – you will see the bride has had a strip of his tartan tied around her wrist by the groom once they are married. And yes none of the bridal party were wearing any underwear as per tradition too;)

Here is their amazing Scottish – Australian wedding, enjoy!

Portraits: S+L

I have lost count how many times these two sweet people have been in front of my lens… and this is our best session yet. I love being able to watch people grow up together in front of my camera. The bond these two have is amazing, palpable even. They hold hands without thinking, they chat incessantly, they cuddle, they laugh, they are in tune with each other always.

They have also opened my eyes to how much these long term repeat clients get more and more out of each session … as they are so comfortable with me, my camera and they know that nothing is expected of them …. other than to just be present, to be together and be themselves.

Which isn’t always an easy task.

Sydney Wedding: Morgan & Tame

Morgan, Tame and their beautiful daughter become an official family. The images speak for themselves, full of love, colour and family and an amazing mix of Bali and New Zealand.

The incredible flowers by Justine Rose, another former bride of mine.