Meet the Strawberries

This family have had about 4 sessions with me now and it is so lovely to watch them growing up in front of my lens.

I have known Big strawberry since she was about 18 months old when she had her first ever session with me. Such a beautiful girl and such a good big sister and I loved that we captured her with her first missing tooth.

Little strawberry is 2.5 years and such a gem! When we popped her on the chair for the first time, she burst out laughing for like 5 minutes! I couldn’t believe I got to capture such magic! Then we got the full gamut of emotions over the next 30mins so I included quite a few of them…

Life with a 2.5year old means you just never know what is coming next:)

And so glad mum jumped in for a few at the end, some amazing images captured for the girls and something they will all cherish as they grow older. Enjoy!