One Fine Day Wedding Fair

I am very excited to be a part of a select group of vendors at the newest bridal fair in town, One Fine Day. After 6 years in business, this is my first time as a wedding fair. This is mainly due to never having found the perfect event for Caspix to be a part of. I craved something intimate, fabulous, vintagey and interesting. Not just another Wedding Exp in a boring venue being handed a bunch of leaflets.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about One Fine Day. This event is really taking the bridal fair to a place Sydney brides have not yet seen and its very exciting to be a part of the inaugural day.

The day promises to be amazing with a sweet beauty parlour, models aplenty, live music, an outdoor garden, lovely food and there is even a Man Land where your man can have a beer and play ping pong with the other bored boys:)

One Fine Day is taking the boutique bridal fair to another level on Sunday 27th May at Sydney’s famous Sun Studios in Alexandria.

AAAnd for the next 24hrs there are FREE tickets! So book your tickets and come and visit me and experience the newest bridal event in Sydney.

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