The Next Great Gatsby

I have known H and B for years and have watched him grow up from a far. These two have a very unique bond and couldn’t wait to get them in front of the camera. I am really enjoying capturing kids around this age too. Its a stage often overlooked for professional portraits as perhaps some teeth are missing or they feel self conscious in front of a camera or only want to make silly faces. I have two boys around the same age so I know what it can be like! So we played lots of games even had a cross eyed competition;)

Its an in between time where they are not little kids but not yet teenagers. You can’t call them ‘cute’ anymore, that just won’t cut it. They are more interested in being a little bit cool and a big bit silly! However, when we were chatting about his mum and how much he loved her, the innocent child came straight back out in full view and he was gushing! She scored a 20 out of 10 even before our session had started! And still by the end of it all, he was leaping off sand dunes and letting loose that energy that only kids have.

Oh and keep an eye on this gorgeous kid too, he has scored a small role in The Great Gatsby alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. He is sporting a true 1920′s haircut styled by Baz Luhrman’s hair and make up team – can’t get cooler than that!