Day 6: Grand Canyon

I know I have been terribly slack with the posting of our USA trip but work and home is crazy busy so I will just update as and when I can…. Thanks for the emails asking where the updates are – helps keep me motivated! March is about to get crazy again so don’t hold your breath for the next one;)– its so good for me to go back through the photos again as well, kind of feels like I am back there and not working at my desk hah!

This was our trip to the Grand Canyon – after almost being shot by the campfire here – we decided to wake up at dawn and watch the sunrise. There was this beautiful golden light that I have honestly never seen before as well so it was an amazing start to the day. My kids were so excited to be up at that time and after a desert wagon ride we were off to find the edge at the South Rim. I made a strange discovery that I am totally physically unable to watch anyone go near an unfenced edge like that, my whole body has this freak out and makes me turn and run … and I am nearly sick! So my husband had a great time with that *rolls eyes* (the last photo he is casually lying next to a sheer drop of 1,524 m)