Day 5: Vegas Casinos and Guns

Personal Project | A Photo a Day | USA Dec 2010

Day 5: Started in the big Vegas Casino like the Luxor and then took off to our Grand Canyon visit about 2.5hrs away……

We crossed the state line, into Arizona. Beef Jerky state. Hualapi Indian state. Gun state. Grand Canyon state.

Arizona state backs the constitutional right to ‘bear arms’ and also allows concealed weapons without a permit. I found all this out sitting around a dark campfire, and we were the only family staying in this desert ranch in the middle of nowhere. My 6 year old son asks this cowboy if he has a gun! He first gives my son a lecture that guns ‘are not toys’, then he pulls it out and shows it off. I nearly freaked out! Then of course my son asks him if he can shoot it… with me mumbling things like ‘umm that isn’t really necessary’ whilst giving my son the biggest glare ever… the cowboy walks over into the darkness and fires off a shot. Aside from being totally out of my comfort zone, the place was really nice and we left in one piece after a good night’s sleep… phew!