Sydney Roller Derby League – Get your skates on!

Here is a few images from a recent shoot for the Sydney Roller Derby League – Hordern Pavilion. I had posted a slideshow here but I thought I would get some action on the blog.

The Hordern was fizzing that night and it was a sold out show. The line up was almost around the block and so many came dressed up themselves. I was lucky enough to get back stage to shoot and the excitement was palpable! They use alter ego and have names like Trippy Longstocking, Appolonia Thunderpussy, Bitchy ‘n’ Scratchy, Captain Ratz and Deb-o-Lition. Its roller skating, its fast paced, heavy hitting, colourful and theatrical.Thanks girls for such a fabulous night!

And for those who need more of an explanation as to what it is all about, here is their mission statement: “Sydney Roller Derby League represents a dynamic, all inclusive, full contact women’s team sport striving for empowerment, athleticism and, above all, fun. The league is made up of strong, committed people engaged in a do-it-yourself approach for this fast growing, spectacular sport. Sydney Roller Derby League pursues the growth of flat track roller derby in Australia and around the world for participants and fans alike.”

Sounds good to me! Enjoy… next meet is July 17 and you can get your tickets Here