The lowdown on the lo fi

I have had quite a few emails lately interested in the Caspix Holga Sessions so I got all excited and seriously considered putting up dancing ducks and fireworks! I could seriously talk all day about lomography, but I did contain myself to this little write up instead.

For those who are not aware of what a Holga camera is … from left to right, I will show you 3 of mine. The Holga 120 then the Diana and then the underwater fish eye. They are all plastic fantastic, inexpensive film cameras. They are famous for their whimsical and surreal images and they are just so much fun! These cameras are considered a cult artistic tool and use a simple plastic lens which is responsible for heavy vignetting, random blur, crazy light leaks, and other tricks that are just unacceptable in mainstream photography. And this is exactly why I adore it.  As soon as I started shooting with the them, I fell in love with it’s soft, dreamy images, super-saturated colors and random contrast. Diana and Holga film shots simply cannot be duplicated by any other camera on Earth! It is the epitome of analogue and I love the delicious lo-fi masterpieces.

Lomography is about embracing the experimental, the artistic and the unorthodox. I use heavenly square format film which is so refreshing and fun to use after the onslaught of rectangular images we have been had coming out of our ears for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love digital and would never give it up. I have all the latest professional Canon gear which is fabulous in itself. But now it doesn’t have to be just about digital. Now you can get both – mixing it up with digital and embracing the analogue as well.

Holga film reminds me of a time that is gentle, whimsical and yes, a BIG bit retro. Most of all it’s authentic, colourful, crazy, off-the-wall, unfamiliar and a unique perspective. And you can get it right here. Portrait sessions. Engagement sessions. And your Wedding Day.

Speaking of which, I have a Sydney Holga Wedding shoot coming up this weekend and quite a few over the rest of the year. So keep an eye out! If you wish to chat to me more about it, please send me an email or send this to a bride you know that likes to think outside the box.

ps: I also have an array of polaroid instant cameras but that is for another post!