Romance was Born @ Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010. All images copyright protected. Please do not copy.! Their website states that the design duo, Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are New Romantics with a love a kitsch Australiana, the irreverent and crafty construction.

Romance Was Born presents a clothing experience and it started with creeping dry ice up the catwalk at the beginning and the joss sticks. We saw long painted talons, bold prints and the famous volcano dress and it left us all feeling this is what great fashion shows are all about! It was such a relief to see some fabulous colour and craziness after all the pastels and muted tones from the previous few days that we didn’t even mind they kept us waiting for over 2hrs.

A highlight for me was seeing Daniel Johns arrive from Silverchair. I have met him previously in my old job but he looks so different now, much older and here to see his girlfriend Louise Van de Vorst walk in the volcano dress! This was one of the few fashion shows that received a standing ovation, true story.

The lighting was fabulous and dramatic, very low and eerie with a spot light shining directly at the media pit. This certainly made it a challenge to capture but added so much drama to the atmosphere and jungle sound track.