Bradley’s Head: Naming Day Ceremony

A close friend, Sophie Turner who is a professional photographer herself contacted me to capture her son’s naming ceremony at Bradley’s Head, Mosman. I was so excited to do so as the last time I had photographed her son was her Luna Park maternity shoot – one of my most favourite shoots ever in the history of caspix! The day was windy and gorgeous on Sydney harbour and Sophie requested mainly candids with a small family photo shoot at the end. The day was full of laughter, bubbles, speeches, babies, poetry, food, proud parents, even prouder godparents and grinning grandparents – and a big cake of course!

With so many weddings lately, my toddler photography skills have been a bit dormant but they were soon woken up following these two gorgeous blonde boys around! I think the boys gave me less than a minute for the last few family photos – and am so pleased with how they turned out! Really some of my most favourite family images ever. Sun flare galore, crazy family love and that little plane in his hand is just perfect, don’t you think? Thanks so much for asking me to join you on such a special day.