Holga Hubba Bubba – Episode 1

The boys have never tried Hubba Bubba bubblegum – so off we went to the seaside to blow bubbles. We chose Groovy Grape of course and it was hilarious watching them try and wrap their tongues around the gum in an attempt to blow bubbles. They weren’t able to do it this time so stay tuned for the next hubba bubba installment at some point!

I am also attempting my own holga modifications with black electrical tape to affect the light leaks which just means that I tape various holes and see how it makes a difference to the colours. These rolls came out nothing like I expected but that is the deliciousness that is holga. I just love their sweet tones, the old school feel, the dreaminess, the double exposures. It is everything that digital is not and embraces all things lo-fi. I love carrying around this light, colourful taped up plastic camera body, makes me giggle and adds such fun to photography. I know I bang on about it, can you tell I am a bit of a fan:P