Sydney Harbour Pregnancy Photoshoot

When I approach pregnancy photo shoots, I always look for something really different and out there.  I believe pregnancy is such a beautiful time of your life and it can be celebrated in a funky, glamorous photo shoot that kicks ass! Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean your photography has to be mumsy;)

This is the 5th photo shoot I have done with this gorgeous lady. Her first pregnancy shoot found her naked on the cliffs at dawn and was utterly amazing! (I just realised that first shoot is not on this blog, so will definitely have to post those soon). She is almost at the end of her 2nd pregnancy and I am certain she is the most glamorous pregnant girl I have ever seen! She wanted her shoot to be on a Sydney Harbour boat with a Hollywood/1950′s feel to it. Shooting on a moving vessel was a whole new world for me, but it was an incredible experience. I think you can agree that she rocked the camera and gave me some of the most incredible images I have ever taken in my career. I love every single photograph and can’t wait to meet this little person inside. If you are interested in pregnancy photography that pushes the creative boundaries, please contact me.

So hang on tight and check out this maternity shoot on Sydney Harbour…