Sydney Holga Wedding Photography

Here are some of the holga images I shot at the last wedding. I was so pleased when first discussing her wedding photography that Susan, the bride mentioned she was a huge fan of the Holga and had a Diana herself. We discussed shooting a holga session at her wedding and I was so excited to see what we could capture. Lomography, which is shooting with cheap snapshot camera like a holga or a diana is known for its dreamlike romance, with optical distortion, saturated colouholrs, exaggerated vignetting, streaks from light leaks, and unpredictable outcomes.

I shoot with the original 120mm medium format Holga Color Flash Camera and with 120mm film which prints in a square format. The red you see through the images is one of the infamous light leaks that the holga is famous for… as it is made of plastic, there is little control as the how much light ‘leaks’ through its casing at various points. But this is the great thing about it, what you see through the viewfinder is not necessarily what you are going to get and makes even the most normal things even more interesting.

The artist in me adores the holga, although it is not for everyone, but if you are interested in having a holga session at your wedding, please contact me – caspix[at]  You can see more of my holga work if you click here or on the ‘film’ category in the links above.