Yearly Archives: 2009

Muay Thai Boxing

I have a real interest in documentary photography that I pursue in my wedding work and on personal projects. I am drawn to images that depict our modern day society and its diversity, images that challenge stereotypes and tell someone’s story of interest. I have a love of sports, especially those that are not so […]

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Holga Summer Love

I have been using a lot of medium format film lately…. just capturing the chaos and calm of summer around me. The beauty of holga is that it shows me so much light that cannot be contained or controlled, like that red light leak below. It’s just crazy, and I love how it surprises me, […]

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Bondi Photo Shoot

Bondi. Backstreet. Babe. Blonde. Bitchin’. This girl is going to release a single soon. Watch out for these promo shots around Sydney.

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