Holga Summer Love

I have been using a lot of medium format film lately…. just capturing the chaos and calm of summer around me. The beauty of holga is that it shows me so much light that cannot be contained or controlled, like that red light leak below. It’s just crazy, and I love how it surprises me, that you never know what you are really going to get. I plan on exploring this art form throughout this Australian summer so check back for some square format fun over the next few months. Holga gives me such a freedom to let go, to not be able to control the mistakes, to look at the world through a square eye and not the usual landscape with it’s everywhere-ness.

These images make me so happy as it is exactly what I used to do as a kid, the hose on the trampoline an is a quintessential part of an Australian childhood. And the use of holga film makes me feeling like I am looking back in time, back into my own memory as a child, complete with crazy red light leaks and action filled blurred beauty.