Bubbles, bicycles and birthdays

…and bad blogger! But I have some fabulous excuses including a work trip to Brisbane for what ended up being 4 photo shoots and had such a good time. Spent some quality time with some good friends, made some new ones and shot some great images. Also had school holidays so lots of family time… and bubble blowing of course!


I have also had the birthday week long celebration of my middle son… I dont remember birthdays lasting a week when I was a kid but they definitely seem to now;)He also decided that on his birthday, he should ride his big bike without training wheels and took off immediately without a second glance… I was so happy to be able to capture it. My mum gave him a helping hand while I shot the action.



Once he had the hang of it, like a true boy went straight to the top of the nearest hill and flew straight down with his big brother….