Monthly Archives: September 2009

lomography: the world through a plastic lens

This is my journey with medium format film, holgas and lomography. I have been thinking about film for a long time. I have really wanted to free myself of expensive gear and shoot with toy film cameras. I have always loved its unforgiveness and happy mistakes. According to the urban dictionary, Lomography is: “a type […]

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Finalist again with Smile Competition

Another bit of fun I like to have every year is put in my favourite happy snaps for the Smile Competition. This is a different type of photography competition that is not based on technical skill but focuses more on the content. Last year I was lucky enough to take out the National grand prize […]

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caspix on film

Photography is such an expressive art form for me and with so many tools to choose from, I felt I was getting very comfortable in my little digital world and want to branch out and learn other parts of it. I am one of those people that needs a constant new flow of visual stimulation […]

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