lomography: the world through a plastic lens

This is my journey with medium format film, holgas and lomography. I have been thinking about film for a long time. I have really wanted to free myself of expensive gear and shoot with toy film cameras. I have always loved its unforgiveness and happy mistakes.

According to the urban dictionary, Lomography is: “a type of art photography in which color is emphasized. Traditionally, cameras such as the Holga, Lomo, Colorsplash, and Supersampler are used to create strange and unusual photographs. Lomographic photos are primarily characterized by vignettes, random subjects, and nonadherance to traditional photography rules. Lomography is a pleasant break from most photojournalism.”

Today I cross processed my fuji chrome 120mm slide film – exposed twelves times on 6x6cm format in bright direct sunlight. The deliciousness of thinking so deeply about each of the 12 shots had me giddy with excitement. The not-knowing what I have captured was almost unbearable! All this fun is just for me, as an artist and as a photographer.

I was so happy with the results. I love the vividness, the erratic colour, the dreaminess, the over exposed bits and haze. Its the photographic equivalent to the chaos theory;)(oh and I have decided to keep the film on this blog for now, I can’t see myself maintaining two separate blogs) anyway, enough talk! Time for erratic joy…