Shoot the Chef Photography Competition 2009

Last year I was lucky enough to be a finalist last year in the Sydney Morning Herald Shoot the Chef Photography Competition 2008 and have just found out that I have made it through the first round of judging for 2009.

My subject choice this year was Bill and Toni’s Restaurant in East Sydney (72-74 Stanley St). My husband and I have eaten at this restaurant for at least 15 years and its been serving Sydney siders for at least 35 years. It is an iconic Sydney restaurant if there ever was one, that has certainly stood the test of time. I met Nick at 4am last month and spent a couple of hours talking to him about what he does there and watching him work. He has amazing hands and a quick smile and shared some great stories with me. I really wanted to focus on the fabulous schnitzels they prepare by hand on a daily basis – mainly because most of Sydney would’ve eaten one… and if they haven’t, drop everything and get down there right now!

In the image, it is 4am and Nick is explaining to me how he cuts the schnitzel. He is actually unaware that I am taking his photograph as the camera is at my hip.

Title: The Art of Schnitzel