Monthly Archives: July 2009

Looking for inspiration…

My phojo always seems to slide south a bit during winter, so recently I have been filling my inspiration book with things from the world, far and wide… although I always seem to come back to music. I actually saw this video a while back and it just makes me feel happy when I see […]

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A 7 year old’s idea of heaven…

Ever wondered what a seven year old’s idea of heaven is? I found out today … bowling, best friends, disco lights, neon glow bowling shoes, blue jelly, blue cake, hot dogs, blue tongues, silly party hats, more hot dogs, tickets, games, racing cars, sugar, shouting, art pencils, books and buddies! Remember those happy carefree days… […]

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The ACOCP Exhibition Launch Night

The exhibition launch went so well, we had some great speakers. A wonderful social worker who has been in the industry for more than 20 years spoke about how valuable our work was in helping the grieving process for these families. A mother and father who had lost their precious twins flew up from Melbourne […]

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