The ACOCP Exhibition Launch Night

The exhibition launch went so well, we had some great speakers. A wonderful social worker who has been in the industry for more than 20 years spoke about how valuable our work was in helping the grieving process for these families. A mother and father who had lost their precious twins flew up from Melbourne to speak about how important the ACOCP was from a parent’s perspective. There was not a dry eye in the house after that wonderful talk. I spoke as well as NSW Coordinator to let everyone know my own experiences and the path with NSW was heading in the future. Here are some photos from the launch night. I have just been advised that there has been such a great response that they have extended the exhibition’s stay until the 8th July! So spread the word and get down there and get to know our special families.








Nat Green, the ACOCP publicist, Cristina Garduno Freeman, the ACOCP exhibition curator, Nettra Chetty, ACOCP Exhibition Coordinator and Nicole Boenig-McGrade, a wonderful photographer who donated to our silent auction