The ACOCP Exhibition is ON!

“These photographs are more than just images, each one tells the story of a young life, at times tragically short, at times endured, but always loved. These photographs are not documentaries but rather tangible memories that help the families both grieve and delight in their children. These photographs show the significant role that photography plays is creating a sense of family for all of us.”
Cristina Garduno Freeman
, Curator for the exhibition at the MLC Gallery

The above quote says it all about what the ACOCP do. The Australian Community of Child Photographers Exhibition is now open! Please come along and have a look, tell your friends and family to drop by. The more awareness we raise, the more families will get to know about our service, the more children benefit from what we do. Please contact me personally if you wish to join as a photographer or wish to use the ACOCP or simply just want to know a bit more about what we do. If you know anyone in the medical field that may benefit from attending the exhibition, please feel free to pass on this blog address as I will be leaving this post up for the duration of the exhibition. The website is Thanks!