The ACOCP at Bear Cottage

Today I had a wonderful time at Bear Cottage in Manly as part of my work with the Australian Community of Child Photographers. I met 5 wonderful families and saw the biggest smiles this side of Sydney:)They do a truly wonderful job and provide the most wondeful care for so many sick kids. I am looking forward to establishing a close relationship with them and providing as much free photography there as we can. If you are a photographer and located around the Northern Beaches area and are already a member or wish to beome a member, please email me! As you can imagine we need as many helping hands as we can to make sure these families get gorgeous professional photographs of themselves with their precious babies.

Below is a poster about our Exhibition we are having to raise awareness of the ACOCP… please link this to everyone you know so we can get as many people there as can! Thanks for your help