Studio Lighting Workshop

I have been interested in learning a little about studio lighting for a few months now so I signed up for a lighting workshop conducted by Daniel Linnet and Scott McGale, and Daniel’s fabulous team at Sydney Photo Workshops. It was a inspirational workshop, run very smoothly and delivered in a very professional manner. It really felt like we were thrown in the deep end which I loved! We started with basic theory such as the principles of light. Then moved to the availability, quantity, flexibility and speed of light and question time and were then separated into fully set up low key and a high key studios with two fabulous models and on hand wardrobe department. We became familiar with equipment such as heads, reflectors, grids, barn doors and boom lights and more items than we thought possible. I still have words like ‘contrasts’, ‘colour warmth’ and ‘clackers’ spinning around in my head!

We viewed first hand these incredible photographers at work, shown the differences of light ratios, family of light angles, reflections and how a half stop can change things quite dramatically in certain situations. We watched them build a shot then they pulled it apart and let us build it again and we viewed how to construct a lighting diagram which was very useful for me as I tend not to write things down as I go, but need to do more of this.

We were then free to shoot between both studio set ups towards the end, invited to direct the lovely models ourselves and change lighting arrangements.  A big shout out to Daniel’s wife, Wendy who was such wonderful support to all of us there, made sure we were fed and watered all day – and popped the champagne! – and was just such a positive energy to the whole day. A very interesting day and highly recommended!

Here are some of my sample shots of the day…







And here were the studio set ups