Ferragosto 2008 | Sydney Portrait Photographer

We live in an Italian neighbourhood and every year they have a big Italian street festival. They block the main street and feed us homemade biscuits, gelato, expresso coffee and panini and the colours were unforgettable!

They park Fiats and Alfa Romeos and the red and green colours are out in force. There were Italian bands, Italian showbags and Italians leather goods. We spent 6 hours walking up and down soaking it all in, a great day! I have kept the public a bit dark on purpose in case any of my blog stalkers are also my neighbours hehe…

I get stopped in the street all the time and asked if I am Italian and when I shake my head, the older generation sigh, shake their head and pat my arm as if I have missed out on something fantastic but ‘never mind’. I love how much they love their motherland.

We had gorgeous sun all day and of course I had to take full advantage of the flare opportunities with the fisheye;)I think I need to have some sun flare therapy or something to tear myself away from it hah!